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ProPhase is a full service, electrical contractor company servicing large-scale industrial (ICI) and commercial projects. ProPhase was founded in 2010 and is unionized under the Toronto Construction Association. Billy Alexopoulos, an electrician who comes from a long line of electricians, including his father and brother, founded the company. He and his crew have two decades, or more, of experience behind them.


Our mission is to provide clients high-quality electrical and communications work with attention to professionalism, dedication and assurances that work will be done correctly the first time. We want to make sure the work we provide will meet and/or exceed your needs on day one.


Our vision, simply, is your vision. The ProPhase philosophy of ensuring work is done well the first time provides you the reassurances you need that your business can run smoothly and effectively without interruption. Electrical and data needs are growing at exponential rates. Your business clients demand fast service, the ability to communicate effectively and want the confidence to know systems will work without failing.

With many years experience in the electrical field, ProPhase provides service with great professionalism and best-in-class trade knowledge. Our vision is to consistently provide that to you each and every time even when your needs change.


ProPhase is a growing Electrical Contracting Company. With a modest beginning just a few years ago, we have grown and continue to grow at a rapid pace. ProPhase services some of the top companies in the world including Starbucks, Aroma Coffee and others. We strive to provide electrical work and data communications systems that fit the needs of our clients growing operations and networks.

ProPhase is fully insured and has a clean safety record. Safety is the utmost of importance and we provide ourselves on our ability to provide quality work and remain accident free.

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